Hotel. Kiev. Chervona Kalina

Hotel-restaurant in the hotel complex "Chervona Kalina" offers a choice of the most exquisite, unique and not similar to each other apartment hotel.

Hotel "Cossack rooms" - romantic has long been known: the closer to nature, the healthier and happier for him to live. In the hotel complex Chervona Kalina effect hotel and restaurant of the European class "Cossack rooms". Contemporary and at the same time, chamber two-storey building, situated on the banks of the Dnieper, confers affinity to the natural elements - water, earth, air.

staying in the hotel-restaurant "Cossack room" Ukrainians and foreign guests feel the attractiveness of a combination of nature, the Ukrainian national spirit, and European comfort. There are no two identical rooms.

Each of the 22 rooms of the hotel-restaurant is decorated in his own inimitable style. We strive to satisfy various tastes and desires of our guests.

Hotel rooms restaurant Cossack both in quality and design hotel-restaurant "Cossack room" to satisfy diverse tastes. There is a cozy nook for distinguished guests who are interested tourists, couples and family holidays just for the weekend. Instead of weekly to go to a rural farm or dacha, try at least once to spend a family weekend at "Cossack rooms". You will see: it is romantic! Outside the window - the whisper of leaves, wind and waves, the Dnieper, the singing birds that envelops tranquility, and in the room a luxurious softness of carpet, lush blanket unobtrusive lighting that inspires dreams, relaxation and love.

The hotel-restaurant "Cossack room" wonderful at any time of year. This is a place of inspiration for artists who can create their masterpieces. Suites "Cossack rooms" would enable politicians to feel the European service in their native Ukrainian soil. Tourists, foreigners, staying in the apartments of the Cossacks, in addition to what is needed are able to breathe clean air, infused with coastal grasses, flavors cherry orchard in spring or autumn marigold. Being in nature, you will not, however, feel cut off from modern communications. At your disposal - the Internet, satellite, fax communications and a range of other services provided by the administration of the hotel complex Chervona Kalina that are so necessary, even at rest.

Not long ago, in the hotel-restaurant "Cossack room" enter the apartments "Father’s house", which consist of 3 separate bedrooms and dining room. Dining room is equipped with modern furniture for 6 people, dishes, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle and other trifles, which are so important and so neobhdimy ...

Bedrooms - comfortable rooms, decorated in his own inimitable style. Both in quality and design the rooms "Father’s house" to satisfy diverse tastes. Likely planning apartments "Father’s House" holds a cottage. And above all, can be used as a convenient place for family or corporate vacations. But this does not affect the rest of individual clients in each room. Sam "Father’s house" located in a cherry orchard, which gives a special flavor to your rest.

Open for himself, his family and friends of the hotel-restaurant "Cossack rooms"! This discovery will be your purchase of a lifetime! Welcome to hotel-restaurant Cossack rooms!

Готель ресторан Козацькі покої Готель ресторан Козацькі покої Готель ресторан Козацькі покої Готель ресторан Козацькі покої

The price of each hotel and restaurant are:

  • breakfast in the restaurant Chervona Kalina "from 8-00 to 09-30
  • mail delivery in the hotel room, faxes, messages for guests
  • provide a room at the disposable items
  • provision in the hotel room writing materials (pen, paper)
  • , if necessary, call emergency medical care
  • taxi
  • TV
  • fridge - mini - bar
  • conditioner
  • safe
  • free Wi-fi internet

Hotel Cossack’s rooms (double bed)

Floating cottage

Hotel The
Father’s house
(double bed, twin bed)

Cottage the
“The House of Hunter”
(double bed)

Lordly estate
(double bed)

«House of Roksolany»
(double bed)

Hotel The
Treasury of Wisdom
(double bed, twin bed)