The hotel "House of Roksolany"

First class 1-room # 3 "Chambers of the Sultan"

"Listen up! Listen! Now you will behold the Lord of the Universe, the sultan..."

came out on the balcony before the sultan and his men and began his speech to pronounce. And people, its hubbub of Yugoslavia and glorified the Sultan immediately fell silent - for the Sultan himself appealed to them...

affairs of bygone days, legend of old times. But he felt the sultan, when it climbed to the balcony and saw the faces - thousands and tens of thousands of people - those who idolized him? It is difficult to describe. More precisely - is hard to imagine, because not everyone can experience and feel this.

This hotel room is called "rest of the Sultan," not from the fact that it corresponds to the design of the chambers of the great rulers of the Ottoman Empire. His colors and tones so nice, restrained, delicate and beautiful that they, rather, feel right at home rather than in the museum's apartment palaces of centuries ago. The interior of this hotel, but rather, offers the peace talks, talks nice, calm evening and carefree sleep, rather than constant worry and threat to the true Sultanov opochevalen.

And yet, the name of the "rest of the Sultan," is not given in vain. This will allow you to the hotel room, even partially, even in today's paints, but to experience the feelings that have experienced the Lord, standing on the balcony. Indeed, in this room has its own huge and with a splendid view of the balcony. He fenced the mighty willows that cover you from prying eyes and leave for a review but a mighty Dnieper River. Or the night sky and the endless expanses of starry infinity... By the way, speak to the nature of the stars are shining brighter... a wonderful view to the wonderful you!

And if you received

emotions will resist your bed - shower with hydromassage everything right. He relaxes, exhaust, calm, set up a long and beautiful dream, which did not receive the sultans ever. And you can afford it. After all, you deserve it!

Room is equipped with all necessary components that create comfortable conditions for your rest, namely:

  • double bed
  • a telephon
  • TV
  • an air conditioner
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • required mini-perfumes
  • a shower box with hydromassage

Room rate:

1100 UAN./1 person

1550 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

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