The hotel “The Father’s house”

First class 1-room # 2

3D tour to the room !!!



parental home ... I wonder what it is in your understanding?

Every person on this answer in different ways and different words with different emotions and different memories, but overall the line will be about the same. Parents' house for most of those who he is - a place where everything is familiar and pleasant. A place where you want to come, when tired of everything and everyone. Place you strive to get as soon as possible ... Well pulls it to himself.

What? Why?

parental home for all of us associated with the pleasant moments of childhood. This house is supersaturated with the order and comfort, which creates a pleasant feeling of calm. Incidentally, these procedures are referred to as comfort and convenience ...

in the parental home is always comfortable - even if the house itself is old and decrepit, he's still pleasing to you. This is your native land ... He can not leave you indifferent ...

Hotel room "house parent" also can not leave you indifferent to her. After all, judge for yourself: where else at your disposal in Kiev will be given a small, comfortable, cozy and just beautiful house with a loft, where all 3 numbers? House, which warms rays of coziness and comfort at the mere sight of him ... a house which may cause you at first acquaintance the warmest and perhaps most intimate memories of the great depths of your early childhood ...

Nostalgia? Melancholy? No, just a nice calm, called comfort.

  • neat and nice double bed
  • phone that allows you to communicate not only with the administration, but also to anyone
  • conditioner that can be asked to incorporate more prior to your arrival
  • hair dryer, bathrobe and slippers, which you certainly will use after a relaxing shower
  • required mini-parfumeriya for all occasions
  • free Wi-Fi internet

everything is already there in your room. And all this will only increase the already great sense of peace that will reign in your soul. Welcome to hotel "parental home»

These three numbers also include a dining room, designed for 6 people, which is

  • a refrigerator
  • a TV set
  • a conditioner
  • a microwave stove
  • an electrical tea-pot
  • a tea set on 6 persons
  • a table set on 6 persons
  • other table outfit.

Cost of the room without settlement of other people is 3600 UAH.

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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