Hotel Room "Cossack quarters". Kiev

Suite 1-room number 12, "Amsterdam"

Street red light district - is a kind of calling card in Amsterdam... Hundreds of thousands of tourists every year come to Holland only for a single trip on the street...

It is called so because in the houses of the street, with guests of easy virtue, the windows put red lanterns, signaling to visitors that they were exactly where you want.

red attracts, excites, worries a little, attracts, seduces... It makes your heart beat a little more often thought to flow a little faster, your eyes move actively drop...

It turns out that only once on the street, people have to be in anticipation of...

In the same expectation to be a person who is in a hotel room "Amsterdam" hotel "Kalina Chervona".

Rich, warm and bright shades of red, soothing beige... huge bed, a curtained window... cool drinks in the fridge and cooked flavor to your mini-parfumerii, background whisper the TV and quiet rustling conditioner will do the job - they prepare for you that unique atmosphere that reigns in the streets of Amsterdam red light district!

They will prepare your mind to what you're in a luxurious location with stunning scenery outside the window... They will prepare your subconscious mind to what the rest of the time spent in this hotel room, there will be very pleased and with vivid memories.

Apropos of a window... The word "Amsterdam" is derived from Aeme stelle and Dam: the first two words literally mean "open spaces with plenty of water," and the word "ladies" - the dam.

Believe me, the hotel room "Amsterdam" will provide you with a panorama that the number and abundance of water, you do not give in to anybody! From the window of the room can see the handsome Dnieper in all its glory!

Another reason for the good mood!

such occasions you will have many, even on the way to the hotel because the hotel complex is situated directly in the park of Friendship of Peoples! The hotel area is chic and beautiful, the staff - kind and friendly, the rooms at the hotel - cozy and comfortable...

All that your soul will ask you to get in the hotel rooms "Chervona Kalina". So bold! Let's take a closer look to each other! After all, we in the "Amsterdam"...

Room rate:

700 UAN./1 person

1050 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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