The hotel "House of Roksolany"

First class 1-room # 2 "Garden of Semeramyda"

3D to the room !!!

This hotel room is not in vain called "Gardens of Babylon" - for Gardens, not only one of the Wonders of the World. It is also an example of true human emotions and qualities. Why?

patience and know everything.


Babylon, where for a year the sun burns the head citizens who did not spare anyone or anything - the city was built on the sands of Mesopotamia, has been almost no vegetation and trees. Beautiful queen Amitis - wife of the king of Babylon - could not get over the fact that she must live in the sands. After all, her childhood and youth was spent in the mountain forests and full of mussels. And a loving husband to realize that the grieving loved about the nature of the beautiful. And ordered the construction of huge and beautiful gardens, which are not created equal, and to this day.

hot summer days in Kiev and not particularly friendly to residents and guests. Sun warms the asphalt roof home, cars - the picture is not so far from the sands, as it seems at first glance.

But we should not build gardens - you just need them to come! In a beautiful place in Kiev is a green oasis, which is happy to accept all comers. Park of Friendship of Peoples.

This park is located a hotel complex, the like of which is hard to find. Judge for yourself: restaurant, hotel, sauna, steam room, a yacht club with its own wharf on the Dnieper, luxurious and decorated in a bright area of ​​the Ukrainian style - this is truly an oasis.

And he

hotel room? Pleasant, relaxing shades of the interior, which just set up his appearance on your comfort and pleasure... A huge double bed with nice touch, some a cooling sheets and pillows... and balcony! Just yours and yours only. Large, neat, and with such spectacular scenery - it is waiting for you. Room at the "Gardens of Babylon" has already prepared for you!

Room is equipped with everyone it necessary components, which will create comfortable conditions For Your recreation, namely:

  • double bed
  • a telephon
  • TV
  • a conditioner
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • required mini-perfumes
  • a bathroom with shower

Room rate:

900 UAN./1 person

1300 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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