The hotel "Cossack’s rooms"

First class 1-room # 10 “Lagoon”

Did you know why the lagoons are preferred by birds and fish?

Lagoon (The word comes from Latin: lacus - Lake) is a shallow, quiet, calm pond. Only a small part, this body of water connected to the sea, the remainder being separated strip of land.

water in the lagoon is usually warmer than the sea. Only in cases where the river empties into the lagoon, and then - even in sea water is slightly cooler. But just a little cleaner, a little nicer...

Lagoon - a small paradise off the coast of the big world. The lagoon is always calm, always quiet, life is always flowing brook refreshing... Strong, but quiet creek.

Did you know that originally a lagoon known as a Venetian Lagoon?

Lagoon, on which stands a monument of world architecture and the museum of man-made masterpieces of humanity. She alone was the name. Always calm, always calm, always beautiful...

As the hotel room Chervona Kalina with the same wonderful name - "Lagoon".

Warm and pleasant tones... Sophistication in design maloulovimyh, but such fine detail... Home comfort and luxury of a pleasant... The harmonious combination of natural and... Such a harmonious combination of natural detail...

In this hotel room feel like a man who has finally found its home... his own! Native, warm, intimate, cozy and comfortable. His... in which you want to return... From whom did not want to leave... which you will remember... On the choice of which will never regret it!

rooms Chervona Kalina "Lagoon" will be your refuge in isolation from any of your home - be it a business trip, trip, or just prolonged holiday... you are always happy to here - and the reasons for coming and can not seek here and without any reason you are warmly greeted, obogreyut, food, drink and sleep will shape. Feel this warm hearty welcome!

Welcome to the hotel Chervona Kalina!

The room is equipped by all necessary outfits which will create comfort terms for your rest, namely:

  • a telephone
  • a television set
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • a conditioner
  • necessary mini-perfumery
  • free Wi-fi internet

Room rate:

700 UAN./1 person

1050 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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