The hotel "House of Roksolany"

First class 1-room # 4 "Rose"

This hotel room is called the "Rose".

  • Rose - a mixture of red and white
  • Rose - the color of dreams
  • Rose - the color of happiness in Catholicism
  • Rose - the color, which is a natural benchmark flower hips... pale rose hue, delicate flavor and delight for the eye...

This Rose.

"Rose" room at the hotel - it is a game of shades. Saturated colors flooring and a nice, delicate pale-colored walls... Incredible contrast colors, complete with curtains cornflower.

Contrast that will stir your mind with bright colors, gentle and calm. Contrast, which introduces you to the state where you want to indulge. Contrast, which will keep you in this state until the morning.

"Rose" room at the hotel - this game is your imagination. The atmosphere and decor have to completely pleasant memories and dreams - betray him to them! This is permissible. This is helpful. That's nice.

"Rose" room at the hotel - it is a game of your feelings. Today they have become more important for you to be more open, more honest. The atmosphere encourages you to reveal themselves - do not resist it, because those moments you do not happen often. So let's take care of them and enjoy them.

"Rose" room at the hotel - it is a game of style and fashion. This color is for stylish people started using back in 1936. But today he did nearly lose their positions. Unleash your inner "I" and release it at will - has enabled it to you today.

When a flight of fancy and dreams stop, lie down on a soft, comfortable bed and quiet rest. Pleasant, rosy dreams!

Room is equipped with all necessary components that create comfortable conditions for your rest, namely:

  • double bed
  • a telephon
  • TV
  • li>a conditioner
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • required mini-perfumes
  • a bathroom with shower

Room rate:

850 UAN./1 person

1250 UAN./2 persons

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