Hotel: Cossack rooms

luxury hotel № 5: "Valley of the Nile"

Africa ... Desert ... Sand is everywhere ... Temperature is unbearable ... And it is precisely in such a place was to see the light of the very tremendous, the most luxurious and most beautiful oasis on the planet ... Valley of the Nile ...

The hotel is not in vain got its name. Like a river dates life desert oasis yields prosperity, and our hotel is your number allows searching and wandering to find his haven. Let the time, but so beautiful and so cozy pristanische.Nil is the boundary of the object of pilgrimage for the Egyptians, and simply a source of life itself in this case being the confluence of three rivers - the blue, white and Atbara Nilov ... And our hotel is his "Valley of the Nile" de-link the one-and two-bedroom suites, gave the opportunity to experience the incredible luxury of comfort in terms of price, worthy of respect, having absorbed the three qualities and advantages: luxury, comfort, and of course , comfort.

How the White Nile, the river has made a long and extensive, beginning at an alpine lake Victoria, the hotel is its comfortable will make you want to prolong the pleasure of staying here for as long as possible.

As the Blue Nile, which gives the main stream of the river water throughout the year, our hotel is his comfort will make you feel all the advantages, as it were, thank you for your choice, as it were, once again whispering: "I know that we meet again ..."- All guests usually stay in their favorite rooms ... Who knows, maybe your favorite will be the hotel "Valley of the Nile"...

How to Atbara, which few people even know, has its charm seasonal overflow, since our hotel is beautiful in every season of the year - summer cherry orchards luring the spring bloom and the awakening will make you forget the winter swimming in the river and bath, heating and warm with a bang, and in the fall - who will be able to look away from the luxury of yellowing woods?

As everyone left the Egyptians of the Nile flood fertile silt on the shore, and the hotel will create for each of you have fertile ground to make good and informed decisions - rest, relax, get rid of troublesome thoughts ... Steam bath, sleep, eat well and back to work, but in a completely different - beautiful - the mood!

The hotel supplied the "Valley of the Nile" to all those that will make you feel a piece of caring and warmth, and, perhaps, to feel at home:

  • phone
  • TV
  • fridge - mini - bar
  • conditioner
  • required mini-parfumeriya
  • free Wi-fi internet

Room rate:

700 UAN./1 person

1050 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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