The hotel “House of Roksolany”

VIP 1-room # 1

3D tour to the room !!!

Roksolana - much do we know about it?

Let's find something that was previously unknown.

She was versatile, beautiful and sophisticated. In all skilful. Admired, loved, worshiped her, she admired. You can not find a single word that is so completely unable to finish the image Roksolana, which folded about her time and legend. There is only slightly warm and lofty feelings that you can try to somehow convey.

Look at photos of rooms in Roksolana. Have a word you can describe all of what you see? Is there a word that can combine the beauty, harmony, perfection, convenience, comfort, luxury, self-restraint, comfort and wealth? Perhaps a word is only in relation to hotel rooms. The word "luxury." Vip room away Chervona Kalina. Perhaps this is the only word that can describe only the single Vip for you!

Let's talk about how nice that is waiting for you in this room includes:

  • beautiful interior that will impress any one pair of newlyweds, a single important for your guests, you will provide here the night.
  • bed on which the dream itself will come behind you. It is soft, comfortable, luxurious and just huge! Its cause tones will keep you awake for as long as you choose to make - and not a minute more.
  • sound sleep will also contribute to the adoption of the bathroom, which is even more tired your exhaust for a full day's body.
  • But if you do not wish to embrace sleep, A beautiful balcony with a magnificent view of the park near the Dnieper, the open starry sky only complement the current atmosphere of romance.

And from that moment you start it's different: the other senses, other senses, other desires. So make them bolder in a hotel room Chervona Kalina!

Room is equipped with everyone it necessary components, which will create comfortable conditions For Your recreation, namely:

  • double bed
  • a telephon
  • TV
  • a conditioner
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • required mini-perfumes
  • a bathroom

Room rate:

1100 UAN./1 person

1550 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

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