Hotel "Lordly estate" .

Lordly estate just recently opened. The Administration welcomes the guests, family house couples with children and offers comfortable accommodation and additional services, among which you select those that meet your requirements for quality rest.

Spacious two-storey house which was built in the Ukrainian style with four luxurious balconies where you can admire the incredible views of the Dnieper, oven and a banquet hall, conference - hall with a fireplace, as well as three suites, comfortable accommodations for your holiday.

On the first floor there are two large rooms with Ukrainian oven, where you at will be able to both negotiate with partners, and chat with friends in a cozy banquet halls and enjoy the unique Ukrainian cuisine straight from the oven.

The adjacent territory Lordly estate are the three summer houses: "Cossack smoking", "Gaydamak Cottage" and "Pavilion Kolyba" where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air of the Dnieper, a mini - a banquet in nature, celebrate the event, or simply relax your family or friends, forgetting about the bustle of the city.

Coming to rest in the "aristocratic estates" guests of our complex - tourists, business people - find themselves in an environment of exquisite comfort of the contemporary needs of man. Everything here is created for one - to clients and guests feel comfortable and convenient. Being away from home to relax and, if necessary - to fully work.

“Lordly estate” property can be used in combination and separately.
Bedrooms - rooms are comfortable and decorated in their own inimitable style. As for quality and design "Barsky estate" will satisfy different tastes. Most likely the estate planning done as a cottage. And above all, it is convenient family vacation or a corporate holiday. But it did not affect rest of individual clients in each room.

Discover for yourself, your family and friends rest in the “Lordly estate”. This discovery will become your property for life!


Each room’s cost consists of:

  • breakfast in the restaurant “Chervona kalyna”
  • correspondence, faxes, reports delivery for a guest
  • grant in the number of the articles of the valid for one occasion use
  • providing rooms with writing accessories (pen, paper)
  • in the case of necessity - call the first medical aid
  • call the taxi
  • a television set
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • a conditioner

Hotel Cossack’s rooms (double bed)

Floating cottage

Hotel The
Father’s house
(double bed, twin bed)

Cottage the
“The House of Hunter”
(double bed)

Lordly estate
(double bed)

«House of Roksolany»
(double bed)

Hotel The
Treasury of Wisdom
(double bed, twin bed)