Hotel Room: "Cossack chambers"

Suite 1-room № 11, "Ukraine"

Україно, Україно, після далечі доріг
Вірне серце твого сина я кладу Тобі до ніг!

(Ukraine, Ukraine, after the road gave
True to the heart of thy son, I put at your feet!)

Song of Taras Petrinenko.

What first comes to mind when you hear the word "Ukraine»?

According to statistics, foreigners often pops up in the imagination of a piece of sliced ​​Salza, a very beautiful girl and an incredibly rich land... Well, a good association, is not it?

And let's tell them in detail about how many beautiful Ukraine actually...

will tell for example, rooms at Chervona Kalina with the same high-sounding title - "Ukraine».

endless expanse of wheat fields, caressing his warm tones of view, we have embodied in the interior colors... This charming hotel room in warm tones that prevail in all that surrounds you... and you involuntarily start to succumb to fatigue child, which gradually turns into relaxation... This relaxation, in which you want... even here you do not know what it is... Just like something warm in his heart, no fatigue, vigor asleep... The state of equilibrium and harmony and creativity... modesty... a state in which you begin to understand a bit more than before.

And suddenly your mind's striking bright blue "snotvortsy" - on a luxurious bed pillow... Oh my God! How I want them to hug! Tightly... and let in the morning...
Well, go ahead! Well nobody forbids! Here's how to clean and so nice with the water you dipped your head, like this and experience the dream - with a head, with pleasure, with real happiness! This room in the hotel allows you to do it! So do! Do what he wants!

sleep and enjoying the time you spent in this hotel room, you certainly will offer tight and delicious breakfast - everything is already included in the price and not worry about no need... Here it is the narezochka about Foreigners whose only dream...

And it is already available to you... because you are staying in a hotel room with a beautiful Chervona Kalina and the proud name "Ukraine"... And rightly so!

and were satisfied, though?

This hotel room has all the comfort, coziness and pleasant stay:

  • a telephone
  • a television set
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar
  • a conditioner
  • necessary mini-perfumery
  • free Wi-fi internet

Room rate:

700 UAN./1 person

1050 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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