Hotel Room "Cossack rooms"

Suite 1-room number 6: "Harmony"

Harmony - the consent of the differences. So thought the ancients. Thought so before. Agree with this now.

Harmony ... Look at you ... the world of things in this Jireh ... You see, they are not perfect ... but when combined with something side by side arranged, with something that goes into these things imperfect You know - these things there is harmony ... they complement each other ... they fit perfectly into this world alone ... and for some - ...

Harmony - it's not something elusive common man, not perceptible to me. But it's something that people can work, something that can sculpt the creators, something that everyone consciously and unconsciously seek ...

Creators of the hotel room and tried to harmony ... they stayed in it.

They combined only that truly make your stay in a hotel room is harmonious. Bright and colorful design reminiscent of the color spring meadow field in which so wants to be ... But no one - no, on the contrary! Be with their loved one with whom you can not just nice to talk about anything and everything at the same time, but which is so pleasant to just shut up - enjoy the peace and quiet, which gives it a room at their guests.

Harmony interior warm colors and such pleasant tones of fresh spring design will help you enjoy every moment you spend in the hotel room. Every breath of fresh, slightly moist, clean forest air ... With every glance of the man who at this moment will be with you next.

Enjoy these moments ... a luxurious canopy sokroet all your embarrassment, embarrassment, you fence off the brightness and diversity ... The huge double bed will be a wonderful outcome of the day. Your day. Your busy day, after which you can relax.

For completeness, harmony and colorfulness of your stay in a hotel room, we have prepared for you:

  • phone
  • TV
  • refrigerator - mini - bar
  • air conditioning
  • and required mini-parfumeriyu
  • free Wi-fi internet

Room rate:

850 UAN./1 person

1250 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

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