Hotel: Cossack rooms

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This hotel room is striking in its elegance. It all thought, all embodied, all brought to perfection! In this room at any moment will want to stretch to infinity - in fact it will be great!

Luxurious bed with orthopedic mattress will gently, giving an unprecedented sense of fun, good sleep and pleasant memories of time spent here. Time spent in a luxurious and elegant hotel with the most expensive man - the most precious memories will remain exactly that!

If your day was a busy, busy, or simply exhausting and eventful, then relax and really quickly come to their senses and have a good rest will help you musical Jacuzzi with hydro massage. Innumerable jets of warm water large pressure to relax you, leaving all thoughts, doubts, decisions on then ... And now - just relax and gain strength ... Hydromassage shower after your sleep in a hotel room would be quite at home - a pleasant, serene and strong, like a baby.

In the morning you have a business meeting? Either way forward? Cool shower sutra before the start of the day, is able to awaken in you the strength and energy is even better than strong coffee. A little cool water constricts blood vessels, improving skin elasticity and improving its status as the nervous system from taking a cool whirlpool readily "wake up".

But the hotel room is not only ideal for the busy affairs and human travel. In the room everything is thought out and is designed for two! Even a two-piece hydro-massage shower - it will be equally comfortable feel young couple came to visit the capital, the couple, recalling youth, and, of course, the newlyweds - for them the hotel room will be comfortable for all - for them it will be perfect! Intense red color, which is decorated all the interior rooms, elegance decor elements create a unique comfort for a magic night.

In the morning you can sleep well, gain strength and energy, not caring about what you may be disturbed or wake up - the hotel room at your disposal until noon ... You may want to repeat all the things they enjoy yesterday? You are right.

The room is equipped with all necessary accessories, which will create comfortable conditions for your holiday:

  • telephone - you are always in touch with those who want to be available for those who do not want to: The Administrator may, upon request, no one is linking to you - for all you "out of range!"
  • Internet access, including Wi-Fi - you can, if necessary, briefly continue the work without interrupting rest
  • TV - Be aware of everything that happens outside the hotel
  • refrigerator and mini bar - breakfast - breakfast, who is also forbids enjoy your favorite dessert?
  • conditioner - you will always be comfortable in our hotel
  • safe - all the most expensive stays with you forever!
  • musical whirlpool, designed for 2 people
  • the required mini-parfumeriya
  • gowns and slippers for 2 people
  • Hair Dryer

Room rate:

1800 UAN./1 person

1800 UAN./2 persons

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