The hotel "Lordly estate"

First class 1-room # 3 "Blue Lagoon"

3D tour to the room

Hotel Room "Blue Lagoon" - a combination of ideas that is hard to imagine together.

What is so glorified Blue Lagoon?

First, this work by Henry De Vere Stakpula, which at one time nashumelo more than any sort was the product of that time (1908). The author touched on themes and subjects that are many years later would be typical, but at the time - it was brightly and boldly.

Second, the "Blue Lagoon" - a magical place in the west of Iceland, where out of the ground all year and constantly hits the warm salt water. The huge open-air bath for hundreds and thousands of people, which in winter is covered with light steam cap - an incredible pleasure. In summer and winter, day and night, she will be happy to everybody else, everyone will warm to each will help - the water in the bath extremely useful.

And third - it's beautiful Turkish Reserve, which by its very name can tell a lot about their charms.

Now, imagine a room where you will be as pleasant, comfortable, beautiful and incredibly well as a nature reserve or a thermal source. And just as unusual and catchy all for your eyes, as in the novel by Henry De Vere Stakpula many, many years ago. It is hard to imagine this?

then simply arrive at the hotel Chervona Kalina and settle in the number of "Blue Lagoon". Unusual for most hotels, but are pleasing to your eye shades of blue will do the job - you will be in the room very comfortable and cozy. Bright, vibrant and rich red tones in the dressing room will not let you forget - they will constantly remind you that you're probably in the not ordinary hotel room - room "Blue Lagoon".

But if you want just a little closer to the events of the novel, we invite you to a balcony with gorgeous views of the Obolon Limes, the mighty Dnieper and beautiful cherry orchard - all only improve an already good mood, adding romance to your life. Do not hesitate - you'll like it.

Room is equipped with everyone it necessary components, which will create comfortable conditions For Your recreation, namely:

  • a double bed
  • a telephon
  • a TV
  • a refrigerator - mini - bar,
  • a conditioner
  • a bathroom with shower
  • a hairdryer
  • required mini-perfumes
  • Room rate:

    1100 UAN./1 person

    1550 UAN./2 persons

    400 UAN./3 persons

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