Hotel «House Roksolana»

Hotel «House Roksolana».

Home Roksolana - 2-storey house fire carried out by using architectural elements in the eastern traditions.

House is situated on the bank of the Dnieper, which enables the balcony or garden house Roksolana admire the handsome gray river. Dnieper.

the arbor Roksolana You can always family or friends to rest, connecting it with nature, with the singing of nightingales and watch the gorgeous, powerful recruiting and quiet, powerful Dnieper.

Summer willingly can swim in the river and soak up the sun, the administration complex for you to create all necessary conditions for the European level for outdoor recreation. If necessary, cook in the open air barbecue will be provided by specially equipped places, barbecue, firewood.

House Roksolana ... Can it be without the eastern traditions? On the first floor are housed Turkish baths with exquisite finish and magnificent fireplace, which is an ornament restrooms and negotiation . The warm interior of the room gives the opportunity to relax by the campfire and talk with friends and business partners. If necessary, under your order, the restaurant Chervona Kalina "in the hall organizes a mini-banquet with various Ukrainian and Caucasian dishes.

Turkish bath (Hammam) is made of high quality ceramics that perfectly emphasizes the design of the dome and make it cozy and spacious, here you will feel like "Jewel of the Nile", since the main component of the sauna - steam and swimming in the Dnieper. It can be simultaneously up to 4 - 8 people

Turkish bath has a complex of services:

  • Exit the Dnieper, the winter swimming in ice;
  • Room for massage and relaxation: aromatherapy and phytotherapy;
  • Meeting room and lounge with fireplace.

So if you supporters, something new, the Turkish bath for you!

Near Turkish bath is room for massage and relaxation: aromatherapy and herbal medicine , a room equipped for massage and a wonderful rest after visiting the Turkish baths, or just to relax from a busy workweek. Also here you can enjoy tea with honey, prepared with herbs.

Rooms of House Roksolana cottage decorated in its own unique style, both in quality and design that will suit different tastes.


Each room’s cost consists of:

  • breakfast in the restaurant “House Roksolana”
  • correspondence, faxes, reports delivery for a guest
  • grant in the number of the articles of the valid for one occasion use
  • providing rooms with writing accessories (pen, paper)
  • in the case of necessity - call the first medical aid
  • gall the taxi
  • a television set
  • a refrigerator mini - bar
  • a conditioner

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