The hotel «Cossack’s rooms»

First class 2-rooms # 3 “Romance”

3D tour to the badroom !!!

3D tour to the room !!!

Romance - state of mind, imbued with an idealization of reality and dreamy contemplation. Do not you understand? And the authors of this design hotel was also not clear such a complex are such simple things - romance...

That's because the hotel, the hotel room is made so that everyone in this room at the man, it became clear by itself ... To you, being in this hotel room, could themselves imbued with the same ideas and emotions that hovered in the minds of its creators - the good, warm feeling of harmony with oneself, peace of mind and a little elated. Romance...

Romance - this is what breathes this hotel is committed than the entire space of the hotel. Tenderness, which is hard to describe, but which is so easy to get a feel for being here... this hotel has tenderness inherent in every element of interior design. It is difficult to convey, but it is easy to see - just come to our hotel room in "Romance"...

Here everything is neat, all discreetly, without frills. The hotel takes you such as you are, take warm and calm, as though preparing for something nicer and more warm. For example, a beautiful night full of romance and pleasure, to strong and suddenly a gentle sleep.

Harmony in red in the interior rooms and the romantic style, which is visible throughout, give you the feeling of pleasure. Pleasure from the fact that you are here. And then - all in your hands: a deep sleep, full of relaxation or delight until dawn - You decide it.

We went to bed and sleep like something does not lay down next to you? Can soak in a warm bath ... The body of exhaust in the water, the nerves of the body fall asleep faster, and bedtime, which is about to overpower you, will become stronger and more desirable.

In the morning you will have to wait for breakfast: hotel and restaurant treats its original kitchen.

We have created all the conditions to the hotel, this room was your favorite. Try it - you will not regret.

Our hotel, each room equipped with everything necessary to create a comfortable environment for your holiday:

  • Phone
  • free Wi-fi internet
  • TV
  • Refrigerator - mini - bar
  • air conditioning
  • safe
  • hairdryer
  • required mini-perfumery
  • Bathrobes and slippers are for 2 people

Room rate:

1950 UAN./1 person

1950 UAN./2 persons

2450 UAN./3 persons

2950 UAN./4 persons

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