The hotel «Cossack’s rooms»

VIP 2-rooms # 2 “Luxury”

The luxury of this hotel can not leave indifferent neither one of these connoisseurs of good life, will not remain unaffected by any lovers of classic, no high-tech ... Style, which is sustained clearance of this hotel will give a feeling of comfort and coziness with the understanding and awareness of all the wealth and luxury that surrounds you at Chervona Kalina.

main asset of this hotel can be named the broadest, a luxury orthopedic bed, which will give you an incredible and hitherto unknown pleasure to sleep! Have you ever thought about what a dream can be so enjoyable!

Exclusive furniture in warm colors create an atmosphere condusive to spiritual warmth, calmness and comfort. You relax on the bed and forget about unpleasant things that were in the bottom of the outgoing plunged into the world of sleep and peace of mind.

In this case, you have no sound, gesture, gaze will not bother staff or guests from nearby rooms - a bedroom of this two-room hotel safely keep all the "Drang" noise from the outside. It is much nicer to sleep in peace and quiet.

I can not sleep? Was too busy day before arrival to the hotel? Or too many thoughts at once excite the mind? Take a warm, relaxing and caressing the skin massage shower! He exhaust your body, clear your head, calms the soul. Now no one will distract you from your sleep.

The hotel rooms, besides the fact that it is beautiful, yet functional:

  • musical Jacuzzi for two, to relax and have fun can be had immediately, without waiting for the shower freed
  • A phone with direct access to the city and intercity to you, being in the hotel always had the ability to control events in your life, but outside the hotel
  • free Wi-fi internet
  • TV, that you know about the news of the world outside the hotel
  • conditioner to the hotel Chervona Kalina "You always feel comfortable. Also, when you book your room in advance, you can call the hotel administrator and ask them to set the desired temperature, such as the one to which you are accustomed to at home - you get maximum comfort and pleasure of staying at the hotel "Kalina Chervona»
  • refrigerator - mini - bar
  • safe, that everything that you so dearly to stay with you no matter what!
  • TV, where needed, you are quickly brought himself into shape.
  • the required mini-parfumeriya
  • gowns and slippers for 2 people

Room rate:

1700 UAN./1 person

1700 UAN./2 persons

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