The hotel «Cossack’s rooms»

First class 2-rooms #4 “Renaissance”

3D tour to the badroom !!!

3D tour to the room !!!

Renaissance - the revival. The hotel is not in vain was named just that - Renaissance ... His warm and homely ambience, the rooms are in warm sand tones, classic interiors and exquisite taste, the harmony of color and style ... Everything is so neat, all so dearly ... All so kindly, and without a single superfluous details ... It is as it should be in the Renaissance!

Classical English interior will remind you that this hotel you visit, not as a guest, but as a welcome, and at the same time, familiar friend, for whom a good host saved the best of everything.

Renaissance - the revival of ... As the period of revival focus was given to man, and his hotel filled all their attention to give you one! You will feel it the attention at every moment that the hotel will give you ... In every moment that you spend in the room luxury ".

Classic, which embodies this room gives a feeling of calm and steadiness. Is a delight for those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of ordinariness and briefly immersed in a world of harmony. Whether it is harmony with the whole world at once, or, to begin with himself. Harmony - she is always beautiful!

To further relax and enjoy the pleasure of such a mundane existence, take a bath - a warm, languishing, razmoryayuschaya ... Immerse yourself in her head ... Enjoy it like never before - she was so quickly make you forget about the rest of the world ... She is so fast will make you relax ... And cling to sleep ... Your sleep will take care of the second door numbers - additional insulation will not allow you to disturb anyone! Sleep and gain strength, you snovagotovy to all that the coming day will bring you - you are ready for anything!

Caring for your comfort, we have equipped the hotel, each of his room, everything you need for your holiday:

  • phone - so familiar and, at times, a necessary ...
  • free Wi-fi internet
  • television - what could be mundane? But that may be irreplaceable?
  • fridge - mini - bar
  • air conditioning - which can bring more pleasure hot summer, creating such a pleasant coolness?
  • safe - nothing mezhet be useful if there is anything in it save
  • hair dryer - a nice detail for each of
  • required mini-parfumeriya
  • bathrobes and slippers for 2 people
  • and, of course, breakfast! The hotel-restaurant, worrying about the comfort of your stay, to think ahead to your breakfast menu, the restaurant menu is artfully prepared for you to have the day started with the most positive emotions that you give the hotel-restaurant Chervona Kalina!

Room rate:

1950 UAN./1 person

1950 UAN./2 persons

2450 UAN./2 persons

2950 UAN./2 persons

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