The hotel «Cossack’s rooms»

First class 1-room # 8 “Retro”

Retro ... And once that's warm in the memories and subconscious make ... True?

Retro ... It is so familiar to everyone, although not everyone can say that he lived in the era of retro - it's been so long and apparently not everyone will be able to remember how it was at all ... But it's so close and so nice ...

What is unclear is attractive in this rather abstract and general notion that people have invented to refer to old things. But not all things in a row - it's not antiques, no! It is only those things that have cultural and material value for each of us. Retro is rarely seen in everyday life - on the street, the subway, in the countryside - it maloulovimo ... It is as if opposed to the current modern practicality and the desire to get rid of everything unnecessary.

Retro is full of ... is not always clear, but always beautiful. Details ... Trivia ... delights ...

Hotel Room Chervona Kalina called "Retro" is filled with everything that makes an instant warm retro slip on your mind.

It is harmonious, it is pleasant, it is light, it is fascinating - it is beautiful. Hotel room is beautiful with its originality, its wealth and its restraint. He beckons his cool and warm their warm tones. It is unique, it is the only.

He's waiting for you. You single.

Hotel Room Retro allow you only a little step back from the bustle of the metropolis of the current retro ... In no fuss, no noise, no intolerance and excessive trouble ... In the room are measured.

your stay in a hotel room will also be measured - throw boring tie, take a nice shower, lie down on a luxurious bed ...

Telephone, TV, fridge, internet Wi-fi ... - that's all there, but all that does not want to use ... I will just relax ... relax ... And the rest - will leave for our time, you will plunge again after a hearty breakfast .

But it will be a different story and other times. And yet - a pleasant stay in a hotel room retro.

Room rate:

850 UAN./1 person

1250 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

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