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site restaurant Cherovna Kalina: here you can find all the services, prices and opinions about the restaurant.
There is also a menu Ukrainian restaurant (it is worth recalling that Chervona Kalina - the best Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Kiev).

Restaurant Chervona Kalina - a celebration of life in Ukrainian

House Restaurant Kiev Otamana
Ataman House Restaurant

The first thing you see, come to the restaurant Chervona Kalina - on your right at the entrance of the Chervonoi Kalina - a mysterious wooden house, and around it - ornate courtyard, surrounded by wickerwork, marigolds and red Kalina. It's - the restaurant House chieftain. This cozy nook has all the conditions for banquets, workshops, birthday with the participation of 30 persons. For meals you can order any dish from an unusual restaurant menu and if you want really unusual restaurant menu, you can here barbequing outdoors. As shown, the most popular restaurant, House chieftain is in the artistic, creative and artistic circles.

Then your opinion bound to attract huge dvupalubny ship, which has long found its pier on the land. It's - Raisin, which will be available in the short term the most demanding guests Chervonoi Kalina. Begin work on the refit, which all his life spent in service, the original hotel. There will be 60 rooms, two of which - of VIP area to 70 square meters, and the rest - 21 square meter.

Restaurant Wedding Hall
restaurant Wedding Room

Look to your left - and you will see the main entrance to the restaurant Chervona viburnum. By going inside, get into one of the finest halls of the restaurant - Wedding . It is specifically designed to create a special atmosphere of the great Ukrainian wedding for 150-170 people. There is enough space for musicians and dancers. Spacious windows, decorated with Ukrainian embroidery, give sunlight and a feeling of comfort to everyone who came to this restaurant. Racy ensemble completes the real acting big Ukrainian oven, painted ornaments depicting a red viburnum, hollyhocks and sunflowers. Restaurant wedding room has two exits, one of which leads to the terrace to the bank of the Dnieper and weeping willows.

Restaurant Smerekova Hall
Restaurant Smerekova Hall

On the second floor of the hotel complex Chervona Kalina with glitter and glamor has posted the largest room of the restaurant - Smerekova Hall for 260 seats. It is decorated in the Carpathian manner - from embroidered in the style of The Tree of Life and ending with murals depicting the mountains covered with fir trees, rivers, fontanelles and wooden huts. Most room may be suitable for high-profile corporate banquets and crowded jubilee celebrations.

Hetman Restaurant Room (VIP)
Restaurant Hetman hall (VIP)

Next - Restaurant Inspection Hetman hall. It is designed for special occasions and VIP guests. The restaurant hall is relatively small (24 individuals) and exquisitely comfortable. In the restaurant Hetman hall, you can come incognito and go through a separate entrance. Special interior decoration is a working fireplace. Cloth on the massive table decorated with embroidered guelder rose posies, chairs and stylized traditional Ukrainian ornaments, and on the walls - painted scenes from the life of the Ukrainian Cossacks: a meeting with fellow under the sycamore, the first date with my girlfriend and a happy moment of mutual love. Soon the walls of the Hetman hall will present samples of the Cossack weapons - swords and pistols since Bogdan Khmelnitsky. There is every reason to believe that the Hetman hall will feel comfortable with diplomats, senior officials and businessmen.

House Restaurant centurion
Restaurant House centurion

Provided elegance Ukrainian and inventive design is another great hall of the hotel Chervona viburnum. He is called House of the centurion, and is designed for 80-100 people. In the center of the hall is a large existing Ukrainian stove top framed by a Ukrainian wreath, from which in all directions rainbow ribbon. There are a lot of windows and sunlight. This hall is suitable for a wide variety of holidays. Here you can arrange any action with an unforgettable Ukrainian scope and generosity.

Restaurant Roditelsky House
Restaurant parental home

Sadok the cherry near Hata, hruschi over cherries gudut ... These words of the great Ukrainian Kobzarya Shevchenko come to mind when crosses the threshold of the estate house parent , which is a part of restaurant-hotel complex Chervona Kalina».

Restaurant Roditelsky House
Restaurant parental home

The name of house parent is placed in a cherry orchard area of 0.10 hectares, which is fenced with woven fence. The interior of the parental home is made in the best Ukrainian traditions in compliance with Ukrainian rituals. All meals - hot meals, first and second courses are prepared solely for the furnace, which is located in the parental home. Banquet Facilities Restaurant parental home for 40 guests.

Blue Lagoon Restaurant
Restaurant Blue Lagoon

Further along our path meets a somewhat less ambitious, but each time more and more of the original rooms Ukrainian restaurant. The first of these - a summer restaurant Blue Lagoon . Decorated in a nautical theme, which mimics the ship with all the details: the blue sail, stern, marine sites, a lifeline. Blue Lagoon good fit small group of about 20-30 people. It may be, as a birthday or any holiday, from a number of annual calendar weekend».

Restaurant jasmine hall
Restaurant Jasmine Hall

Then - very intimate restaurant Jasmine Hall in the open air overlooking the Dnieper. In spring and summer, it is most suitable for a romantic tryst of two lovers, family dinner or dinner with friends at one single table for 4-6 people. Between the two rooms summer growing grapes and trailing real pickles, which you no one can deny a try. Therefore will not be long and udovolstvuyas summer room, you can nip off a grape grozdochku.

Only on the site of restaurant you can see the complete and honest information about the prices on the menu Ukrainian restaurant. Current prices.

Hookah Restaurant Hall
Restaurant Hookah room

There is another special room-restaurant - Hookah . The only one that is dedicated to the traditions of the Eastern Leisure.

Hotel Chervona viburnum also includes the old restaurant-bar with sandy beach, karaoke, dance floor on the banks of the Dnieper under the willow trees, the beach, moorings for boats and yachts.

Restaurant Cherry Orchard
Restaurant The Cherry Orchard

One of the symbolic decorations of restaurant-hotel complex Chervona Kalina - cherry orchard. When all the blooms - this blessed corner is the living embodiment of Ukrainian happiness described Taras Shevchenko: Sadok the cherry near Hata, hruschi over cherries gudut .... Soon the cherry orchard on all sides by a fence will protect the mat, and a small path will lead to the Parental Home. The administration plans to open a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine: Ukrainian house - mud hut for 20-30 people with existing furnace, where directly in front of the guests will be ready 10/12 exquisite Ukrainian dishes directly into the furnace and a hot beverage will treat mainly of moonshine, and only in exceptional cases - with wine and brandy. But now restaurant and hotel Chervona Kalina has 2 operating pechmi, 2 fireplaces, 2 saunas.

restaurant and a sauna - a good mix for any holiday

Most sauna - just a luxury. It can simultaneously perform a pleasant, and sometimes - as a useful leisure time up to 10 people. Enjoy the soft leather furniture, 2 lounges, wooden bath, shower, pool 2.5x2.5 meters, television, video, pool, illuminated, everywhere - mirrored ceilings.

more cozy sauna called the Orange, because it has an appropriate color scheme, your own design. If you wish to arrange a holiday for body and soul for two - a better option would not be found. Couch, living room with mirrored ceiling, a bathroom, shower, steam room, swimming pool with water from a Jurassic, television, video. What more heart desires? After the sauna in any weather you can relax: the recently opened luxury hotel apartments Cossack gladly accepts.



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