Ivan Kupalo Day and hotel complex

   Happy Ivan Kupalo Day to congratulate all,
   Happiness, health, love You wish!
   To feast of the holy is not passed by you
   By the Dnieper «Chervona Kalyna» hurry go you!

Restaurant «Chervona Kalyna» - fest Ivan Kupalo Day– ancient tradition, plus modern comfort!
The picturesque bank of the Dnieper, free nalivochka, gifts, music, entertainment and many surprises!

Christmas of Ivan Khrestytel or Ivan Kupalo (7.07) — one of the most poetic holidays of the Ukrainian ceremonial calendar. Kupal`ski fires inspired on creation not only great Mykola Hogol, and whole pleiad of Ukrainian writers and poets. In pre-christian days our ancestors celebrated in this day day of Kupayla, the day when summer sun return to the autumn. Christian and heathen traditions interlaced firmly, therefore on July, 7 there is double holiday.

Yet and presently in Ukrainian villages on Ivan Kupalo Day there is a tradition to make a large continuous chaplet of flowers, cherry necklace and candles- Kupalo, to make dolls-scare-crows Kupalo and Marena, to decorate with varicoloured ribbons a green willow, than escorted by the Ukrainian songs and bright torches to carry Kupalo to the river, to put on the water, to jump through a fire and search the flower of fern. In the Ivan Kupalo Day, after folk beliefs, it is possible to be cured from every illnesses by dew. For this purpose you need to wake up till the sunrise and to walk barefoot on healthful kupalo dew.

Everybody can do that, who will stay at Kupalo night from 6 to July, 7 on the ground of the restaurant-hotel complex “Chervona Kalyna”. You will be able not only to accept the direct participating in Kupalo theatricalizing actions, and at the same time to walk barefoot on a dewy grass. For this purpose on territory of the complex there is the special beach, covered a green grass. Not to pass Sunrise, it is possible to stay the night in the number of the first class of the hotel «Cossack’s room». Attention! On Kupalo Day all visitors free of charge will treat dumplings with cherries which ripening here in our cherry guarden.

«Chervona Kalyna» - for happiness is common!

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