The Day of Kyiv

In the last weekend of May the capital of Ukraine celebrates its birthday. It is a season, when chestnuts, peony, lilac, blossom all around and glorify life. If you have a desire to spent this day in a comfortable corner on the bank of the Dnieper, the restaurant-hotel complex “Chervona Kalyna” gladly will meet you. You’ll offere bicycle trip to the real beaver’s place, row by the Dnieper River on boats, cutters, water motor cycles and water pattens and for the most brave - flights on hang-glider over the Dnieper.

The “Chervona Kalyna” cuisine combines Ukrainian and Caucasian traditions. Here is remarkable choice of barbecues which appetizingly smell the puff of smoke and nature. Favourite food of spring picnics from pork, sheat-fish, beef and bird.will be prepared for you at any time of the year on fresh air. It is possible to order «Sturgeon grill» «Pot of innkeeper», dumplings with field mushrooms, meat, cabbage and cherries, «Ukrainian Borsch with pampushka», «Fish soup», «Baked carp, in mayonnaise», stuffed «Cabbages with field mushrooms and meat», «Fried pigling», «Duck, stuffed apples» and great number of other delicious and useful foods. The day of Kyiv together with the “Chervona Kalyna” is a sea of the indelible impressions!

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