Conducting of child`s holidays

A restaurant-hotel complex «Chervona Viburnum» offers organization of child`s holidays which will be conducted with the best animators, due to participation of artists or clowns which professionally will entertain Your children different competitions. The age-old category of children is unreserved. For our little guests already became tradition to visit child`s holidays monthly. Each time new program, new impressions, new gifts.

Festive Workshop, professional command from organization of child`s holidays, and it means deliveries of smiles and gladness, with the bright filling of surprises, competitions and drawings which will please children, that is why we offer to you:

(from 3 to 9 years)

Clowns Screw-bolt and Caramel invite mul`tikov lovers to visit a country Multi - Stand, where we are expected by friends. We leave on a litayuchiy machine in the country of gladness, pleasures, trip with songs, dancings competitions, relay races, developing games, riddles.

Costume Birthday, tokogo nobody saw yet!

Sea of laughter and gladness for every kid!

2 animators take part in the program. Program duration 1-4 hours. The program is accompanied the special effects: by mile bubbles.

Bonus: marbles are designers in a gift, akvagrim (if to 10 children).


«School of super - heroes!»
(від 5 до 14 років)

Young heroes will pass checking for boldness, adroitness, friendship, will overcome all of tests and will open in itself new super - capabilities!

All is know characters of of the same name film Lady-Cat and Spider-Man, which invite all of persons interested in school of super-geroev!

Young heroes will pass checking for boldness, adroitness, friendship, will overcome all of tests and will open in itself new super - capabilities!

A Lady-Cat and Spider-Man will not give to miss not a single minute, helping to understand actual maintenance of friendship, mutual help and merriment!

Every little girl dreams to visit a fairy-tale, which will come back to life for it on eyes and will pull in in the world of fairy-tale events and unusual trips which it and its friends will be in a center!

1-2 animators take part in the program.

Bonus: akvagrim (to 10 children). With itself: notebook, columns, fancy Shoe for Cinderella!

«Peppi the Long Stocking»
(from 3 to 20 years)

Indefatigable Peppi the Long stocking is daughter of large seaman, collects with itself friends in a keen adventure trip. It needs the command of the strongest, most adroit, more rapid and merry boys and girls which will be able to show friendship and mutual help in the most dangerous trip. Разом з Пеппі їх чекають незвичайні випробування, ігри, конкурси і багато іншого!

Take part: from 2 to 4 animators.

Program duration: 2-4 hours

«Show by The Caramel!»
(from 3 to 9 years)

The Caramel offers to you Real Actin is Birthday!!! you are expected by mass of jokes, laughter, game, dancings competitions, relay races, sea of pleasure! And main all of guests will leave in a strange adventure in the country of HOLIDAY!!!

Costume Birthday, nobody yet saw such!!! Every guest will be changed clothes in a suit! And a person celebrating his the name-day will be crowned a royal mantle and real crown! All of guests and accordingly king of day, will get a gift from The Caramel.

Program duration: 1 - 4 hours.

Bonus: marbles are a designer in a gift, akvagrim (to 10 children).


«A comic actor is a duet»

Very funny clowns with beautiful jokes, figurines from inflatable marbles, by mile marbles.

General show-program by duration 60-70 minutes, various child`s programs from 40 to 60 minutes. In addition, solo theatrical «On other side of skies» by duration 60-90 minutes. Composition is 2 men.

A holiday will pass especially merrily and showily, if you and your children poraduet by the interesting a show program from comic «Actor is a duet».

Also on you expect the interesting festive programs from: «Mikki and Mini Mausi», «Masquerade of flowers», «Trip in school of Khogvards», «Island of treasures», «Magic lamp of Aladina», «Merry program for children from playful Lady-cat» and a lot of other child`s programs which will do sainted you and Your child unforgettable!!!


Our contacts:
Telephones: 465-5585, 332-4991

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