In the restaurant-hotel complex "Red Kalina kept alive the Ukrainian tradition. One of them refers to the celebration of the third and final celebration of the Christmas season - the feast of Epiphany, or Jordan. This day in Ukrainian villages in reservoirs vyrubuvalasya hole in the shape of the cross, the clergy held a prayer and dedication of the water. After the ceremony people umyvalysya water, which was the healing, going into her home where she stood for was not utterly. Top brave souls swam in ice-hole.

Few hundred guests restaurant-hotel complex "Red Kalina that January 19, 2011 gathered on the territory of" Red Kalina near the ancient Dnipro, faith is not exactly lacking. After the solemn liturgy, the clergy held the church of St. Nicholas (Prytyska) and immersion silver cross, about a hundred willing omylysya in holy waters. The first gave the example of Father Alexander, who even made a small Swim. Laughter lovers vodohresnoho bathing was a clear indication that people have a powerful charge of healing, youth and energy.

Свадьба в украинском стиле

After curative procedures, complex guests were invited to the spacious hall of the restaurant, where they waited for celebratory treats. And members of winter swimming were awarded diplomas. Succeeded. You can safely state that celebrate Epiphany on shore of the Dnieper River in the restaurant-hotel complex "Red Kalina is becoming a good tradition. We believe that such a celebration next year visit already thousand Kiev and guests.

Places all enough!

reviews "Red Kalin" on the feast of Epiphany:

«long wanted to dive into ice hole in Jordan. But always restrained presence of officials and dressing in such events. When learned to celebrate Epiphany in "Red Kalina, decided to try. I have not repented. There were many, but it looked like it had some family circle. It seems that all know each other. He received great satisfaction from cheerful bathing, and food, which is seen in hydro, and even more in Obolon. Now look forward to the next holiday. »
Basil K.

«Feast of Epiphany in the restaurant-hotel complex" Red Kalina reminded old rural Jordan. People, priests, God's service lacking ... not only carved a cross in crisis. However, summed up the weather. If next year will be as warm, organized the celebration to begin thinking about how to lower the water to a large wooden frame in the form of cross ».
Cristina V.

«It was shattered when we saw the priest swam in cold water. That means that faith! Also surprised that bathed many girls and women. How was ashamed that he did not kupayus. Now next year the pirnu. And only in "red viburnum. It was fun, and especially liked the dinner. Here rests the soul ».
Igor S.

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