Wedding at restaurant «Chervona kalyna»

What is the married life begun with? Certainly, from wedding. And not surprisingly, that to each, who decides to be married, it is desirable, that this event went down in memory for life.

Someone will argue scarcely, that marriage is a thing serious and responsible. But he begins from an event merry, a bit frivolous and festive, are weddings. And to each, who becomes on a towel, it is desirable, that his wedding was the special, and went down in memory for life. For this reason people try to do wedding as possible more loud and magnificent. But for this purpose it is necessary to make quite a bit pushes and spend a lot of time, which neither for fiancees nor for their parents as a rule before such responsible day does not seize.

Our restaurant «Chervona kalyna» offers the help in organization and registration of Your wedding celebration.

Весільна зала Our floral artists gladly will adorn a hall with the observance of national traditions, where to 350 persons and tables can take a place for Your celebration, if necessary under Your order will engage in decorating of territory, that entering on territory of «Chervona Kalyna» You found oneself in the child`s dreams and felt as in a fairy-tale. And why as? It will be actual Your personal fairy-tale!

Except floral artists our specialists gladly will offer on Your choice a toastmaster, musicians, show-program, preparation of wedding cake or round the loaf of bead. For more whimsical we will offer for a wedding ceremony a white liner or speed-boat on which newlyweds with guests or young married couples both together and each separately can arrive by Dnepr to the restaurant-hotel complex «Chervona Kalyna» on the holiday.

The young married couples take the special attention a wedding ceremony. You must admit that each wants to do its unique, not such as at all. Our restaurant offers such favour, as a departure wedding ceremony, and also will help in its registration, that this day and this event remained in Your memory for life as one of the brightest!

Upon completion of Your holiday we will offer to you and to Your guests unique salute in honour birth of Your family.

And you will be able to get all of it in our restaurant-hotel complex «Chervona Kalyna»!



We offer the entertaining program to wedding in Ukrainian style!

Wedding in Ukrainian style is conducting of holiday in the best Ukrainian traditions. you will be dipped in the fairy-tale colour of Ukrainian Dikan`ki is the real holiday at the hospitable and merry toastmaster of Solokhi.

Conducting of holiday is in Ukrainian style - today it as never interestingly and modernly. Leading Olga will meet guests as the real hostess and merry Solokha.

There will be all on Your wedding: merry competitions and games, Ukrainian vareniks and toasts, costumed show and dynamic modern songs, living music and inflammatory disco of modern world hits, powerful sound apparatus of high professional level. Scenario developed individually.


To to festively - entertaining the programs belong:

  • services of professional anchorwoman, helper an anchorwoman;
  • work of deejay with an apparatus to 2 kv (depending on the sizes of hall);
  • appearance of the star Ukrainian vocally choreographic collective - to «Theater of song», which includes for itself 5 persons - folk-lore and vaudeville blocks, songs of akapello («Mnogaya leta» for youths.), humorous stages between the participants of collective.

Advantage of such command is creation of the unforgettable colourful Ukrainian holiday with the merry Ukrainian songs and modern inflammatory songs for the guests of different age. Anchorwoman and vocally a choreographic collective is created dynamic, various show, in what goste engaged in an action - sing and dance together with the stars of collective!


For conducting of the bright wedding offer such competitions to your attention:

  1. Wedding lottery.
  2. Competition for youths the «Paradisial apple».
  3. Competition «Karaoke of the Ukrainian folk songs» - 10 min.
  4. Competition with ribbons - 15 - 20 min.
  5. Competition «Nice, stick varenichkov» - 15 min.
  6. Competition «The Real Ukrainians!» (changing clothes) - 10 min.
  7. Competition «Voting of guests» - 10 min.
  8. Competition «For the godmother of one`s the child Solokhi» - 15 min.

Wedding - an event which is grand in life can only be born. Imagine this holiday in nature, in the embrace of lush vegetation, whispering waves of the Dnieper .... Or in the snowy parts of a beautiful garden park, a resounding crack of the fire in the oven ... A romantic walk under sail ... Song-and-dance tirelessly ... All this can be in your life ... If your wedding will be in the hotel complex Chervona Kalina.

For wedding offer traditional unforgettable ceremonies:

  1. Ceremony of meeting of youths (bow to the parents, round the loaf of bead, benediction parents.)
  2. Ceremony of rodichaniya
  3. Vows of youths to each other (ceremony of oath of loyalty).
  4. A ceremony is «Knee-boots».
  5. Coverage of young.
  6. Ceremony of transmission of domestic hearth.

Program duration: 6 hours.
Amount of participants: 8 artists.


Our contacts:
Phones: 465-5585, 332-4991

One of the brightest events there is wedding in life of most people! And what wedding can do without dance?! And not simply dance, but wedding dance!

Studio of dance BIG Dance offers statement of wedding dance for the groom and the bride!

What such actually wedding dance?

More frequent than all it is a slow waltz, however much all depends on the wishes of clients. It can be dance in style of latino, or Your favourite music, and our trainers will prompt what dancings motions more characteristic for a select melody. Wedding dance is not simply dance, he plugs in itself whole show-program with the dramaturgy. He can combine in itself even a few separate dances. For example, since a slow waltz which outgrows in an expressive tango and ends with inflammatory jive.

Свадьба в украинском стиле

Are confident that such dance remains not only in your memory, but also in memory of your visitors and native! Also remember - you of it are worthy!

The detailed information by phone : (044) 490-90-99

We invite in club of sports ball dance

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