Hotel Room parental home (Kiev, Dnepr)

Luxury Apartments № 4

3D tour to the room !!!



Кто может хладно, равнодушно
На дом родительский взглянуть?
В ком на привет его послушно
Живей не затрепещет грудь!
Who can coldly and indifferently
At home parent to take a look?
In whom it regards to obediently
Hurry do not stir the chest!!

Peter Vyazemsky

And when you gaze at the parental home are feelings prevail?

In general, he feels a man when he just thinks of her parents' house? For there he was always happy, always there to him Privetnoye, where he always has a place...

probably endless warmth, love and a kind of pleasant languor... And how could it be otherwise? Parents' house had absorbed all the warm feelings that have ever been in it... who ever experienced you are in the house... on which you are capable.

Hotel Room parental home - it's like a pleasant memory of your more tender age. From the time when you were full of hope, optimism, joy and happiness, confidence and love. Love to everyone who surrounds you, everything that happens to you.

It is with such a kind, cheerful and relaxed you fall asleep on the infusion of neat and comfortable beds. On the next bed asleep someone a cheerful, kind and calm... and so expensive for you man.

At such times, unwittingly begin to emerge in the memory of all the pleasant moments of past days and years. All the joy that you experienced in a moment overwhelmed you again... and you cease to feel good and carefree... you start to feel great! You understand that happiness - because it is undemanding... Everything you need for it, together in this hotel room... And with these pleasant thoughts you fall asleep.

nice dreams in the hotel rooms parental home.

morning everything will be even better:

  • call from a landline phone to all his comrades /partners in Kiev. Tell them that you will be on time and that you have a great mood!
  • turn off air conditioning - because you will be a nice shower...
  • In one
  • only a bathrobe and slippers hairdryer dried, as directed, using the provided mini-parfumeriyu and...
  • Bon appetit! Breakfast is waiting for you!
  • Free Wi-fi internet is waiting for you!

The room consisted of dining room for 6 persons.

Dining room’s equipment:

  • a refrigerator
  • a TV set
  • a conditioner
  • a microwave stove;
  • an electrical tea-pot
  • a tea set on 6 persons
  • a table set on 6 persons
  • other table outfit.

Cost of the room without settlement of other people is 3600 UAH.

The special terms:

  • At the settlement of two persons to the hotel “The Father’s house” without settlement in other rooms – a cost of dwelling for one days is 1250 UAH
  • At the settlement of four persons to the hotel “The Father’s house” without settlement in other rooms – a cost of dwelling for one days is 2000 UAH

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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