Hotel Room "Cossack rooms"

Suite 1-room number 7: "Classic"

3D tour to the room !!!

We named one of its rooms in such a big name because they are sure, that in the classics, we are able to reveal to you what you did not know.

example, that the very meaning of the word classic changes with time and passed from one category to another notation. The fact that this word is applied to different entities ... Let us specifically.

you hear the word "classic" is probably just presented a live orchestra and a pleasant melody of Bach or Vivaldi ... maybe a rigorous and elegant costume? In any case, the direction of your thought is true - it's classic.

But did you know that in ancient times the \"classic\" (classicus for the Latin.) is a legal term! Yes! It was legal, and its meaning understood citizen who was in a class of property. It took a few years and the meaning of the word beat ancient sages: the word is now indicated not only by property class, but also stands for "first class", "exemplary".


understand the meaning of words from somewhere deep in our consciousness and hid. It is difficult to say what we feel when we hear classical music, see the classic costume ...

But we immediately understand - a classic of the genre, classic style, classic taste ... It will never disappear, never reborn, never translated as ... This is a classic ...

Hotel Room \"Classic\" - as recognizable and intuitive, and also something agreeable to each of its guest.

Hotel Room \"Classic\" still beautiful, just first class and the same model, like all classic.

partly rigorous and equally pleasant atmosphere and comfort of home and office excellence, unparalleled comfort and friends have a pleasant feeling ... All this is gathered together.

All this is gathered in order to satisfy the tastes and desires of each of its guests, it warm warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.

There is no one who did not like classical music ... There is nobody who would not be impressed by the number at the hotel named \"Classic\" ...

Because it is a classic ... because it is perfect ... because it is exemplary!

Touching this perfection, you will also dispose of telephone, television, refrigerator - mini bar, air conditioning, Wi-fi internet and all the necessary mini-parfumeriey.

In this room at all at your disposal, all the answers to your wishes, all the sets you on a pleasant pastime. This is a classic ...

Room rate:

700 UAN./1 person

1050 UAN./2 persons

400 UAN./3 persons

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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