The hotel "The Father’s house"

First class 1-room # 3

3D tour to the room !!!



Родительский дом, начало начал,
Ты в жизни моей надежный причал…

parental home, the starting point of,
You're in my life safe berth...


House - a place where new life emerges.

parental home - the place where born your own. A place where warm and pleasant to hear the word - normal. A place where you can safely share their warmth and love, which in this case will only multiply. It is these feelings and atmosphere hovers parental home.

atmosphere in which you will never feel neither the strength nor the time donated by the family. The atmosphere in which generated power and energy for the future creation of...

Say, for pleasure to be in such an atmosphere? And as often as I would like it to be...

Well, so what's the deal? Next!

Hotel Room "Parental House" hotel complex Chervona Kalina is waiting for you! This number is woven and laced with the same threads of warmth and love that can not not touch on each of its guest.

nice and bright colors of the interior contribute to your relaxation as soon as possible. You seem to be in bliss dive through the window trim on the Dnieper and the world watching. You relax from the noise of water, a bit humid and this clear air, you are well... you do not worry, do not worry.

Here it is a state of happiness, which you seem so long since I have been... The state, which is so nice and serene... The state, which gives you stay in a hotel room Parental House hotel complex Chervona Kalina. Stay with us!

The room is equipped by all necessary outfits which will create comfort terms for your rest, namely:

  • a bed on 2 persons
  • a telephone
  • a conditioner
  • a hair drier
  • necessary mini-perfumery
  • a housecoat and slipper for 1 persons
  • free Wi-fi internet

The room consisted of dining room for 6 persons.

Dining room’s equipment:

  • a refrigerator
  • a TV set
  • a conditioner
  • a microwave stove
  • an electrical tea-pot
  • a tea set on 6 persons
  • a table set on 6 persons
  • other table outfit.

Cost of the room without settlement of other people is 3600 UAH.

Cleaning of the premises carried out by technology company "KIRBY".

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