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26-28 May 2011 in the restaurant-hotel complex "Red Kalina was the first in Ukraine to be a unique event-the International Exhibition of demo boats and yachts IBYS. The exhibition was organized yacht club "Red Kalina" and of "Kyiv International Contract Fair". This unprecedented event that has a real gift for fans of boats and yachts, was attended by about 40 companies from Ukraine, Russia and France, who will present the world-famous brands of water-motor vehicles and equipment. Participants were invited not only to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, water machines, but yachtsmen, members of yacht clubs, enthusiasts and fans enjoying the water.

The main purpose of the exhibition was to create an interactive exhibition area, which will join the market leaders, expand the number of consumers and fans of active recreation on the water, introduce the latest innovations and technology world yacht industry. The main difference from other exhibition stands, which were conducted earlier, it was a combination of coastal and aquatic exposures. Also, first time visitors had the opportunity to participate in the test drive. That is not just admire in the land yachts and boats, and most test their driving performance on the water. The exhibition also held demonstrations by aqua-bikers.

Participants in this unique event were companies such as: Corporation Empire Yacht ", Princess, Windsor Group,, HT marine, Brigmotors, Galeon" Logos-sport ", WaterTeam, NordicUkraine, The" water area ", BTS , GrandMarine, Catamarans "Ducky", Company "PROTEY", TD "launch", UMS, Eurocrown. Were represented well known brands in the world Marquise, SEALINE, Aquador, Nordic, and others.

On the significance of the exhibition and the number of officials who took part in the opening. This is the General Director of "Kyiv International Contract Fair" Vladimir Ivanov, director of the "Yacht Club" Red Kalina Golovatenko Peter, Deputy Chairman of the State Administration of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine Ilia Tikhonov, Deputy Chairman of the Kiev district in Kyiv city state administration Vadim Kostyuchenko and other distinguished guests.

All of them stressed the high level of organization and representation, stressed the importance of holding such events. He voiced confidence that this unique event will be a powerful stimulus for the development yahtnoho market in Ukraine, will significantly add to the ranks of lovers of water and water-motor recreation. As the Deputy Chairman of the State Administration of Sea and River Transport of Ukraine Ilia Tikhonov, the main feature of the exhibition is that it is not just a craft exhibition that exist today, but also the opportunity to try each of them visitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses. He expressed confidence that the exhibition will be a program to develop water-motor sport for years to come. It will be developed, and its size will increase each year.

Director of the international exhibition demo IBYS Bezradetskyy Alexander, for his part, noted that despite pilotnist project was assembled the best staff members. He expressed confidence that in future the exhibition will be significantly expanded its planned move to foreign markets and attract shipyards are not yet represented in Ukraine. His gratitude for the high level of organization expressed its participants, including representatives of PROTEY Vladimir Bunyeyev and representative Alex Sydko.

Original and highly symbolic highlight of the exhibition was the presentation by the chief inspirer of the idea and its realization - director of the "Yacht Club" Red Kalina Peter GOLOVATENKO, noting its importance and uniqueness, he said that the yacht club "Red Cranberry" received a certificate for the right to raise the national flag of Ukraine on the mooring complex. Thus the exhibition was marked IBYS show of blue-yellow signs, which evoked a sense of pride in its members and guests made this event a truly festive.

After three days of intense and interesting work, the exhibition has been successfully completed. Waiting for a new wider and spectacular event.


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VI Международная демо-выставка катеров и яхт «IBYS»

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I Международная демо-выставка катеров и яхт «IBYS»

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