the New season-the enchanted Dnieper river from height of the bird!

the New season-the enchanted Dnieper river from height of the bird!

Yacht Club: parking ships, boats, boats, yachts

Services Yacht Club Chervona Kalina: anchorage

Each anchorage protected!

  • mooring on the water - fully equipped, the equipped with all necessary communication facilities, parking courts designed to meet the needs of the most inveterate "yachtsman": we have included in the parking lot all that your heart desires. The soul of your yacht!
  • Daily parking vessels on the water - you arrive in the parking lot as much as the user wishes
  • Parking ships on land (on the outside shipping season) - we will save you the trouble of detention boats outside the navigation period
  • trailer parking - as long as you enjoy using the boat on the most direct purpose, your trailer is in good hands
  • refill drinking water through the dispensers - for ships equipped with high-service level
  • Provide electricity via fuel dispensers
  • Navigation Services - full-time pilot the yacht club is always there, always ready to help
  • Free parking, guarded round the clock
  • descent/ascent craft crane - we do choose a crane with the required tonnage and boom
  • descent/ascent craft Slip - moorage slips for boats equipped with any displacement
  • washing decks and sides of boats
  • service engine compartment
  • Service cabins
  • Dry sofas, upholstery ship
  • complex cleaning of the vessel - a team of professionals will give your ship a unique appearance!
  • Packaging ship shrink - no need to search for that particular team of people: the yacht club Chervona Kalina has done it for you
  • Medical Assistance
  • Waste Management
  • Hotel, VIP - cottages
  • Hotel "parental home"- a family vacation
  • Restaurant, bar, banquets, corporate parties, weddings - the members of the yacht club and and tenants anchorage discount!
  • Conference rooms
  • Beach, which is perfectly visible from the yacht club and parking courts
  • Sauna with wood, Turkish bath, directly at the yacht club
  • Massage
  • Billiards
  • Bicycle

service package that provides the Yacht Club hotel complex Chervona Kalina - this anchorage, and well trained staff, and well spent time in the vast expanses of Slavutich. Time that is not spent, and carried out. Time that is not forgotten and remembered. The time that you want to repeat.

+38 (095) 067-06-50
+38 (097) 030-19-99
+38 (044) 490-66-22 (office)

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Заколдованный Днепр с высоты птички!

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Turkish bath (Hammam)

Wellcome to «Lordly estate» and «To the house of Roksolany»!

Gold evening of «Ukrainian song» in the hotel-restaurant complex «Chervona kalyna»!

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Студия танца Big Dance

Health complex in the hotel-restaurant complex «Chervona kalyna»

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Wedding in the Ukrainian style

Health complex in the hotel-restaurant complex «Chervona kalyna»

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As Ukrainians celebrated the Epiphany


Epiphany 2011

Ukrainian Cossack’s Day (The Holy Protectress Day) 14th of october 2010

Tasty dumplings and viburnum liqueur — free of charge!

The Day of Love

The Day of Women


The Day of Kyiv

Birthday of the restaurant «Chervona Kalyna»

Ivan Kupalo Day

Independence Day

Beer and Dumpling’s Day

As Ukrainians celebrated the Epiphany

Business lunch during Lent

Business lunch during Lent