Attention lovers of water-motor sports and water-motor tourism!

For those looking for a reliable haven

Yacht Club «Red Kalina» invites to cooperation all owners of motor boats, yachts for navigation in 2011.

Yacht Club «Red Kalina» has a dock complex for 70 vessels up to 60 feet. Our mooring berths equipped devices elektrorozdatochnymy columns, which provide connection of each vessel (floating craft) to the socket. To each vessel is drinking water for household needs and filling water tanks.

complex mooring yacht club designed and constructed in accordance with and under the supervision of the Shipping Register of Ukraine and has the proper classification certificate for the right operation, which guarantees high security.

At the yacht club parking base-registered small craft vessels, confirmed the testimony Derzhflotinspektsiyi Ukraine under Annex 1 paragraph 2.2. "Rules for safe operation of low-dimensional bases for parking (small) vessels, which are approved by the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine of 16.04.2004, № 642. In the yacht club operates slip lifting-lowering vessels. It is also possible to keep the vessel in mizhnavihatsiynyy period in the restaurant-hotel complex «Red Kalina» . In addition to storage vessels, maintenance, running, lifting, we provide washing and cleaning vehicles. Every vessel secured permanent berth at the complex.

The yacht club provided round the clock guard vessels. For members of the yacht club is free parking for cars clock guarded and discount card at the restaurant-hotel complex «Red Kalina» and school sports and dance «Big Dance». Yacht Club in conjunction with a delicious restaurant-hotel complex «Red Kalina» and beautiful beach creates an unforgettable vacation on the water.

Welcome to the Yacht Club «Red Kalina» !!!


+38 (095) 067-06-50
+38 (097) 030-19-99
+38 (044) 451-53-45
+38 (044) 490-66-22 (office)


We invite in club of sports ball dance

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Wellcome to «Lordly estate» and «To the house of Roksolany»!

Gold evening of «Ukrainian song» in the hotel-restaurant complex «Chervona kalyna»!

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Health complex in the hotel-restaurant complex «Chervona kalyna»

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Epiphany 2011

Ukrainian Cossack’s Day (The Holy Protectress Day) 14th of october 2010

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As Ukrainians celebrated the Epiphany

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Business lunch during Lent