Welcome to a beach!

Kievans - civilized beaches

Kiev has a unique opportunity for a summer vacation right in the city.

Dnipro, Desna, a large number of channels, bays and lakes are favorite places for recreation for the citizens and guests of Ukrainian capital. However, according to city sanepidemstantsii, this year at the beginning of the bathing season in him were fully prepared, only four public beaches! All other contaminated or do not have the equipment to save on water. Moreover, even in areas of beaches that have received certificates from the beginning of the season piled up a lot of mud and water near the shore was overgrown entire submarine thickets of seaweed.

This is not surprising, because in recent years to clean water and development of beach infrastructure embedded smaller and smaller budgets. What kind of cleaning area beaches can speak, when even on certified recreational areas lack of ballot boxes, namely the garbage is not taken out for weeks? That accounts for the people of Kiev to sunbathe in the company thrown out of glass and plastic bottles, balloons and food waste, endangering themselves and their children.

Fortunately, in the capital has remained isolated beach oasis, where the annual embedded solid means to ensure adequate and safe water recreation. One of them - is an area restaurant-hotel complex Chervona Kalina, which is located in a picturesque corner of a green park area Friendship of Peoples. There are all conditions for sunbathing, swimming, fishing and boating's service - restaurant with summer terrace right on the beach.

In order to approach the water was safe and comfortable, as well as for further improvement of the beach, it was decided to clean the bottom with a dredger. Now the beach meets all the stringent requirements for a rest. We hope that respect for nature, the present concern for holidaymakers the leadership of restaurant and hotel complex Chervona Kalina is a great example for those who are responsible for the health of other beaches.

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Welcome to a beach!

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