Easter - the brightest, great feast is one of the favorite Ukrainian holidays. The Lent comes before it, and lasts during 7 weeks. Our great grandfathers clearly followed the Lent, cleaned their body and soul in waiting of Christ’s resurrection great day. Good masters started prepare to the Easter beforehand: decorated and colored eggs, baked traditional Easter breads, stored milk and meat. In night of Resurrection of Jesus Christ there is all night ceremony in all orthodox temples — Easter Service Divine. The most solemn moment comes in midnight, when a priest informs «Christ revived!», and believers with trembling answer «In truth revived!» After service a procession three times walks around a church, and then blessing of paska (Easter breads), eggs, sausages, horseradish, fat, garlic, wormwood and all, that a family prepared to Easter begins. Worshipers arrange special foods in a basket decorated with embroidered towels, myrtles and candles. The rich Easter table is a symbol of heavenly gladness of God’s supper. People say that on Easter sun plays, and all living must be glad and make merry, not sad and whole year.

What can be better, than to rest together with a family or friends on the bank of the Dnieper? Your lightest easter dreams will be carried out, if you will visit the restaurant-hotel complex “Chervona Kalyna”. You pleasantly will surprised by rich assortment exactly Ukrainian foods, from between which and new assortment is given – such as - salad «how do you do», baked pudding from a chicken liver, trout the «Mountain river». And main — on the Easter all visitors, friends, guests and supporters, the collective of the “Chervona Kalyna” will treat pasochka (a sweet cylindrical bread), easter eggs and red wine.


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